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LOGIROAD has the ambition to be a independent software vendor (ISV) company for decision-making software in the field of the maintenance and the exploitation of the road networks.

The history of the creation

Two researchers of the public Institute IFSTTAR (The French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks) designed and developed, within this Institute, two ranges of products to help the management of roads:

To help the administrators of road networks to lead an optimal policy for the maintenance of their network;

To allow the companies of traffic analysis to collect and to measure reliable and representative information on the real conditions of traffic, for safety and fluidity improvement.

Convinced by the first broadcastings of these products – distributions which they realized within the framework of IFSTTAR themselves-, of the current and future needs of the road administrators, these two researchers thus created LOGIROAD.

The team

Manager of the company

Yann Goyat

Doctor in vision for robotics, he is a co-inventor of the patent entitled ” Proceeded and device for the measure of the trajectory of passive mobile objects “, at the origin of the software for road exploitation (measures of road traffic). After 11 years of R&D, he decides to create a company of software with P. Lepert (described below).

Co-founder of the company

Philippe Lepert

Scientific assistance for the developments of the software for the management of the road maintenance. Director of research in the IFSTTAR, he is the designer of the decision-making software to help road manager for the maintenance of roads.

Engineer developer for the Exploitation Department

Olivier Pitard

After 5 years of R&D within the IFSTTAR and within the Institute Pascal where he developed software allowing the tracking of vehicles in videos. He joins the company to manage the software developments of products for the exploitation of roads.

Engineer developer for the Maintenance Department

Anthony Bouhier

From electrical and IT training, he joined the team Logiroad to manage the development of software maintenance (L²R Mesure, L²R Base).

Engineer developer for the Maintenance Department

Matthieu Poullaouec

From ISEN (Brest), he joined the team Logiroad to manage the development of software maintenance (L²R Programme).

Business Development

Arnaud Demaison

After several experience in different companies, he joined the team Logiroad especially to Après plusieurs expériences dans différentes entreprises, Arnaud Demaison a intégré Logiroad notamment to build on its strong Business experience with local communities. His experiences abroad also possible to initiate a process to export.

Engineer developer

Hamza Abdelkebir

He joined the team Logiroad to manage the development of software maintenance (L2R Video)

Management assistant

Lucie Juliot

She joined the team Logiroad to help Yann for administrative and accounting tasks.


Nicolas Tessier

He was recruited as an expert for Maintenace softwares.

Logiroad Team
Anaïs Zaphiriadis (Trainee), Arnaud Demaison, Yann Goyat, Olivier Pitard, Matthieu Poullaouec and Anthony Bouhier